The Toonie Challenge


The Toonie Challenge is an ongoing initiative of The Friends of the MUHC that began in 2012 while the new MUHC hospital at The Glen was under construction.

The original vision was to collect enough Toonies to literally circle the new site of the hospital. Kind of like a great big Toonie hug!

Today, the goal of the Toonie Challenge is for students in Montreal schools to collect Toonies to raise awareness of the needs of the new hospital, and to engage students and their schools in an active relationship with all of their MUHC hospitals.

Join The Toonie Challenge

The Toonie Challenge was launched in 2012 with 10 schools from the Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS). Each school is encouraged to come up with its own initiative to raise Toonies. And the best part is, the students are given the opportunity to vote on how they would like their Toonies to be spent at the MUHC.

All funds raised go through The Friends of the MUHC to meet the hospitals’ greatest needs. Upon participating in The Toonie Challenge, students, teachers and families are invited to join us and become one of The Friends.

It’s a full “All Hands on Deck” initiative with participation and involvement from beginning to end.

Download Our Toonie Challenge Flyer Here

You can start by helping us spread the word. Download our Flyer from our website and spread the word.


Join The Toonie Challenge 2019!

Step 1: Choose a Representative and Attend the Launch

  • Select a teacher who will be your Toonie Challenge representative and help plan your fundraising activities.
  • MUHC staff is available to speak to your school!
  • Attend the launch and vote on the medical item you'll be raising funds for. While there, visit interactive MUHC kiosks to learn more about the hospital. Past exhibitors include: Pediatric Dentistry / The Shriners Hospital / Neurology / Cardiology / The Research Institute ...and many more!

Step 2:Start Collecting

  • Collect toonies as part of a school-wide initiative.
  • Examples include: Healthy Eating Pledge; Baking & Smoothie Sales; Carnival Day; Free Dress Day...and many more!
  • Designate 10 students who will act as representatives for your school at the Toonie Challenge’s cheque presentation event at the completion of the Challenge

Step 3:Spread the Word!

  • Explain your school’s fundraising activities and encourage other schools to participate in the Challenge!

Our Organizer

Tara Wright