The CycleSwap is an annual fundraising event hosted by The Friends of the MUHC & Cycle Neron to benefit patient welfare at the MUHC.

For the 2018 edition, more than 100 bikes were sold, and the proceeds went towards supporting the Montreal Children’s Hospital and its purchase of a much needed Cerebral/Neuro Probe for their Ultrasound machines. 

The CycleSwap is an opportunity to sell or to buy used bicycles of all types for children, teens, adults. All bicycles are verified on-site for their ‘ride-ability’ by certified mechanics.

The Friends of the MUHC is a charitable organization of volunteer ambassadors dedicated to easing and enhancing the hospital experience for all. Our mission is to promote patient welfare, create a welcoming environment within the hospital, and engage the community in support of the MUHC.

At Cycle Neron Montreal we believe you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bike, and really, it’s just about the same thing! We are passionate, knowledgeable and excited to get you on your bike. We carry a carefully selected lineup of road, hybrid, mountain, urban and electric-assist bikes for all levels, as well as shoes, clothing and every imaginable accessory. 

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Our Sponsors

Supporting CycleSwap

AAt the event, you can find:

  • Info on cycling clubs in the area
  • Free helmet checks
  • Bike safety guidance
  • Snacks and drinks

Pedalheads is there to teach kids some skills and get them excited to bike!

pedalheads logo

Winneburger is also there! 

Look who else participates to the CycleSwap. A great day for a great cause !

Event details

People with bicycles to sell bring them to us in the morning. Our mechanics will run a tech check and help to price each bicycle. The seller can choose to donate the bicycle and all proceeds from its sale will be used to buy the designated piece of equipment or, s/he can expect 80% of the sell price once the bicycle is sold.

Experienced cyclists will help buyers to find a good fit & type of bicycle that suits the rider.

All unsold bicycles are either returned to the seller if that is their specification or, our partner, Cycle Nord-Sud will recycle them for parts or ship the bikes overseas.

Other activities will include: a helmet fitting clinic and an obstacle course for kids courtesy of Pedalheads and there will be snacks and music on site.

Our Organizers

Julie Hooton