Friends putting your funds to good use!

January 2018 – Thanks to your kindness and fund-raising support, The Friends are actively disbursing funds back to the hospital by purchasing much-needed equipment and donating funds to programs and services at the MUHC. Since last reporting in September 2016 (a total of $27,060), The Friends have funded or approved the following:

STEP Program, Adult Volunteer Department: $4,570

Baby Scale with Trolley, Montreal Children’s Hospital: $7,500

2 Bladder Scanners, Glen Adult Emergency: $31,495

Pamphlets, Glen Emergency: $765

National Docents Symposium, Tour Guides: $1,948

Social Services Program: $28,000

2 Glidescopes, Anesthesia Technology: $36,000

13 Vascular Dopplers, O.R. Glen Adult: $42,000

1 Cardiac Monitor, CT Scan Glen Adult: $25,000

2 Video Laryngoscopes, Respiratory Glen Adult: $7,500

2 Vital Signs Monitors and Stands, Physiotherapy Glen Adult: $7,105

1 Addressograph, Medicine Clinics – Nursing Glen Adult: $550

1 Doppler, MD2, MAUDE, Heart Failure Glen Adult: $1,650

2 Impedencemeters, Speech/Hearing Pathology Glen Adult: $22,330

28 Commode Chairs, D09/C09 Glen Adult: $20,865

3 Wheelchairs, Opthalmology Clinic – Nursing Glen Adult: $1,500

                                                                                                                        Total: $238,778


Congratulations! By supporting The Friends, you have made a tremendous difference to patient care at the MUHC!  Let’s keep it going!