group picture momar ndao toonie challenge

6th Annual Friends of the MUHC Toonie Challenge is launched at LCC

November 2017 – The Friends of the MUHC launched its 6th Annual Toonie Challenge on Wednesday, November 15th at Lower Canada College.  Of the 15 participating schools, 11 were represented at the launch with over 300 students in attendance.  We are thrilled to have Ecole St-Leon-de-Westmount, ECS, Gardenview Elementary School, Jean Paul 1 Junior High School, LCC, Marymount Academy, Merton School,Roslyn school, Narnia Preschool, The Priory, Selwyn House School, St. George’s School, The Study, West Island College, and Willingdon School raising funds for the MUHC.  Our participation keeps growing each year!

The Friends were fortunate to have 14 kiosks set up at the launch which were fascinating for the students.  Stations included Deceased Organ and Tissue Donation; Dentistry; Heritage Centre; MGH Trauma; Neurology; Nutrition; Concussions; Parasitology; Volunteer Office; Ocular Pathology Laboratory; Opthalmology; MCH Trauma Department; MCH Family Resource Library; MGM Foundation & Mental Health.

Dr. Momar Ndao, Director of the National Center for Parasitology and Researcher at the Research Institute of the MUHC provided the keynote address with an engaging and eye-opening presentation on parasites. The students loved it! Many thanks to Dr. Ndao for stimulating the interest of the students and showing them the value of research in our healthcare system.

The students voted on two items, with Kangaroo Enteral Feeding Pumps for the Montreal Children’s Hospital being the winning piece of equipment for which the students will do their fundraising.  Students have until May 31st, 2018 to come up with fun initiatives at their respective schools to raise Toonies for this important cause.  Last year, The Friends of the MUHC Toonie Challenge raised $9,000!!  Let’s keep it going!!  Start raising those Toonies!!

Many thanks to the Toonie Challenge Chair, Tara Wright, who did a fantastic job putting this event together with the help of her dedicated and hard-working committee members.  We would also like to thank Lower Canada College for generously hosting the event, as well as the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and their mascot Caramel, the many kiosk exhibitors, and several volunteers from The Friends of the MUHC.